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Farm Animal Brochure

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West Ridge Farm Vets provide a comprehensive service to farms throughout Mid Devon, and beyond.

West Ridge Veterinary Practice

  • Independent
  • Stable staff, experienced vets, helpful support
  • Local but with broad range of clients and expertise
  • Caring but commercial

West Ridge Veterinary Practice is an independent mixed practice with the farm department based in Witheridge, Mid Devon. The practice comprises 15 vets with support staff in three sites. The farm department has five senior farm vets who are experienced, enthusiastic and committed to providing an expert service to our valued dairy, beef and sheep clients. There are also two junior vets and a full time TB tester in support.

Commercial farms are allocated a lead vet who will take
responsibility for the veterinary service to the farm, but other
vets may visit as and when needed, depending on availability.

We encourage pre-planned routine work, including health
clinics and other routine work which will be arranged at
convenient times with the appropriate vet. We aim to answer
genuine emergency calls within 45 minutes, but we try and
avoid unexpected emergencies by helping clients deal with many of the situations themselves, and using our time and expertise to prevent disease rather than treat it.

Most of our progressive commercial dairy clients enjoy the benefits of herd health contracts where they pay a monthly fee based on milk sold, which covers all veterinary services (other than out of hours emergency visits) and so avoids unexpected vet costs, allows budgeting, and provides a veterinary service that is based on health and success rather than disease and disaster. The herd health contracts includes all visits, vet services, herd health plans, and emergencies such as calvings, caesareans, operations and procedures that are in normal working hours. We offer generous discounts on medicines for all contract clients, and for those who can bundle purchases into large orders.

We aim to maximise health and minimise disease

  • We believe that prevention is better than cure
  • We will go the extra mile to make sure your livestock stay healthy
  • We will minimise medicines use and maximise health and productivity – the cheapest drug is the one you don’t use

We provide value by using both novel approaches to health management to ensure that your stock stays healthy and works for you.
We also provide a traditional, trusted and reliable emergency service if and when things go wrong

Fertility Management

  • Pregnancy testing, post natal checks, non-visible oestrus and infertile cows.
  • Data analysis
  • Fertility monitoring and early detection of problems

Mastitis Management

  • DairyCo mastitis plan
  • Cell count management
  • Clinical case prevention and treatment

Lameness Management

  • Risk based prevention and control
  • Treatment protocols and training

Culling Management

  • Minimising forced culls
  • Casualty and emergency cull issues

Infectious Disease Prevention and Control

  • Johnes prevention and control
  • BVD, IBR, Neospora
  • Vaccination plans

Health Planning

  • Farm assurance compliant herd health plans
  • Useful and practical plans to maximise health and minimise disease

Flexible Contracts and Competitive Prices

  • Traditional pay-as-you-go
  • Fertility Contracts
  • Health Contracts
  • Fixed Price
  • Competitive discounts on medicines

Call us and discuss your requirements or herd health issues: we can offer a comprehensive veterinary service or one-off consultancy.

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If you require advice or further information about our range of services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at West Ridge Veterinary Practice.

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