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TB testing at West Ridge

West Ridge TB Testing Service

  • Peak Rate Testing
  • Any time to suit you
  • Fixed in advance for convenience and planning
  • 75 cattle per hour on day 1
  • 125 per hour on day 3
  • 20 minutes clean up time
  • £1.50 per minute overtime payment
  • £1.00 per minute bonus
  • Off peak testing
  • Fitted in to our working day to increase efficiency

  • Suited to your testing window and working convenience as best we can

  • 50 cattle per hour on day 1

  • 100 per hour on day 3

  • 20 minutes clean up time

  • £1.00 per minute overtime

  • No bonus

You can get paid for testing!

Just present the animals to us efficiently and continuously, we can test at a rate of over 90 per hour, giving you a possible bonus payback of £70.00 on a 500 cow test on day 1.

In Practice

  • You get notification from XL Farmcare
  • You contact us to arrange the test
  • You decide on the best option for you
  • We fix the test and allocate the time
  • Vet will complete the test
  • Peak Time Test
    –You decide the date and time, subject to vets being available

    –You inform us of the numbers

    –We allocate the time period based on testing rates

    –We all do everything we can to fit in to the time allocated

  • Off peak test
  • You inform us of your preferred test window – week and preferred days
  • We will organise the testing programme at least a week in advance
  • We will confirm the time with you at least 5 working days in advance of the test

Split tests

  • You can split the test for your convenience:

    –You can opt for different service levels for each part of the test

    –The test is not complete until all animals are tested and accounted for

  • There is no visit or mileage charges for the first test
  • Split tests will incur a normal visit charge of the second and subsequent splits

West Ridge TB Testing Service

  • Boot on – boots off principle
  • Allocated times – recorded on Robovet and will appear on your account
  • Most tests will not incur any charge: this is a free service

–Clerical help
–Labour help
–Testing tips
–Avoiding the charges

Our side of the bargain

  • We will try and meet the needs of our clients whilst complying with the new rules
  • We will make arrangements to suit clients, cows and vets as best we can
  • We will arrive on time, prepared and ready to go
  • We will not hold up operations
  • We will do the job properly

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