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Newsletter April 2020

West Ridge Veterinary Practice remains fully open for all your veterinary needs

We are here for you and your pets

During the Government restrictions on trade and movement, we have been designated a key industry for the provision of veterinary services and supplies. We have devised systems to maintain our 24 hour veterinary service to our valued clients, whilst protecting the health of you, the community, and our staff.

  • Witheridge, Lapford and Winkleigh Veterinary Practices are fully open and staffed from 0900 each and every weekday and Witheridge and Winkleigh on Saturday mornings.
  • We are providing all veterinary services within the guidelines issued by our regulatory authority, the RCVS, in accordance with Government guidelines
  • Our surgeries are designated Covid Free Zones to protect our staff and clients, and so we have adopted special procedures to ensure their biosecurity:
  • Please only come to the surgery if you have arranged an appointment.
  • You are perfectly entitled to drive to any of our surgeries for a consultation or to collect medicines or pet supplies – it is an essential journey under current Government guidelines.
  • Either telephone when you arrive or ring the doorbell outside the surgery entrance.
  • Use hand sanitiser provided before and after touching any surface (including the doorbell, handles or desks).
  • Only come into the premises if and when invited – we are restricting entry of people into the building. You may be asked to stay outside while we collect your pet from you or bring your medicines to you.
  • Please respect all social distancing rules – give us space! Don’t be offended if we keep our distance.
  • Do not come to the surgeries if you are ill, in isolation or have been in contact with anyone ill or in isolation. We can make alternative arrangements for you
  • Be assured that any medication or supplies that are provided for you will have been sanitised before being dispensed to ensure your safety
  • If you prefer not to travel to the surgery, or you are unable to travel for a consultation, we can provide telephone or video consultations by arrangement. These are provided at our normal consultation charge, and in most cases, we can prescribe and supply medicines accordingly.
  • House visits can be provided but will generally require two members of our staff to attend and special measures to ensure everyone’s safety. Please enquire.

We are providing a full veterinary service to ensure the health and welfare of your pet, in line with Government and RCVS guidance, including most vaccinations, boosters, neuterings and procedures to keep your pet healthy. There are a few veterinary procedures that are regarded as non-essential, but we will advise about those when you enquire.

Phone us – we are here for you

Witheridge 01884 860236

Winkleigh 01837 83240

Lapford 01363 83317

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If you require advice or further information about our range of services, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with the team at West Ridge Veterinary Practice.

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